Having undertaken both foundation and advanced woodwind repair courses at Trevor Head's School of Instrument Repair in Llangunllo,  Wales, I am able to offer repairs to saxophones, clarinets and flutes. I can provide a number of services, including a checkover of your instrument and a stripdown service, as well as minor repairs, such as replacing the cork on a saxophone crook.

An instrument which is being played regularly should have a checkover once a year, as, just like a car, this will ensure that everything is working properly, and will keep all the parts in good working order. During a checkover, the condition of the pads will be looked at, as will all the felt and cork. The regulation will be adjusted, and the instrument will be lubricated.

A stripdown service involves the instrument being stripped right back, the neck and body being cleaned, along with the pads and keywork. Old lubricant will also be cleaned out, and the instrument relubricated, and a number of pads may be replaced or reseated. Some cork, felt and springs may also need to be replaced.

I have no set prices for jobs, as instruments are assessed on an individual basis. I charge £35 per hour plus materials. Even if you are not entirely sure what the problem is with your instrument, I can give you a free assessment when you drop it off, and tell you what work I think needs doing, to help bring your instrument back to its best again.